The ElectroFry Promise

At ElectroFry, we make sure you get the highest quality at the lowest prices.

    Valid Warranty

  • Assured 3 to 12-Month Warranty
  • Warranty Provided By:
    F1 Info Solutions And Services & Trusted Partners With Over 140 Service Centers Across India

    Warranty by Category

  • Phones

    3 to 12 Month

  • Laptops

    3 to 12 Month

  • Tablets

    3 to 12 Month

  • Smartwatches

    3 Month

  • Accessories

    3 Month

    Terms & Conditions:

  1. Warranty cover only the repair of the product in case of defects
  2. Warranty does not cover replacement in case of scratches and minor wear and tear
  3. Warranty will be void if the product id found burnt/physically damaged / water logged or damaged in any way
  4. Proof of purchase is required to claim warranty
  5. Accessories are not covered under warranty